Model agency assistant

Job requirements:

1, college degree or above, major unlimited, film and television, art management, XiWen professional

 qualifications will be preferred;

2, performance management, culture, entertainment media experience is preferred;

3, love movie and TV arts and the brokerage industry is full of passion, love working model and the fashion,

Sales working experience is preferred;

4, coherent, have the consciousness of team, good expression, communication, social and execution ability;

5, the personality is bright, the steadfast diligent, proactive, careful;

6, familiar with office software, can work under pressure;

7, please send your resume to hr@stellargroup.com.cn


Marketing assistant

Job requirements:

1, assist marketing manager to handle the communication and cooperation with all departments;

2, coordinate the implementation of key projects, assist the manager and sales department in

related outreach efforts;

3, according to the arrangement of the department manager for organising marketing information;

4, participate in the sales contract signed, and some basic negotiation and customer;

5, learning and adaptation ability, a strong sense of responsibility, good presentation skills

 and communication skills;

6, calm and steady, patience, and have the team cooperation spirit, has the strong strain

capacity and problem solving skills;

7, the initiative enthusiasm, perseverance, can bear hardships and stand hard work, is a

bright and cheerful disposition;

8, sincere care, have good analysis ability, the keen market insight, active thinking, open-minded.

9, please send your resume to hr@stellargroup.com.cn


Promotion copywriting planning

Job requirements:

1, has the strong ability of writing and text editing, profound literary background, the creative insights;

2, participate in the project specific strategies, the creative thought and the related document writing;

Collect background information in the integration of the project activities, and planning programs

were compiled and refined;

3, can accurately grasp the customer information, planning overall copy;

4, provide the stages of project promotion as a foundation for using various internal and external

 communication guide introductory document;

5, responsible for enterprise publicity, advertising and other kinds of plans, activity plan and document

 writing and reviewing; 6. Write press releases, reviews related to project draft, special report writing;

6, please send resume to hr@stellargroup.com.cn