Stellar Models is founded by experienced finance investors, the operation team include experienced agent, Creative planning, show director, photographer, makeup artist in the fashion industry.

Stellar Models focus its resources on the following two areas to provide the clients with excerlent and perfect services:

        Model Agency— In general, including agent service for Fashion talent such as models, actors, show directors, photographer, makeup artist, etc.

        Activity management -- Large fashion conference, exhibition, performance events, the opening ceremony, fashion party, fashion television program planning and execution service.

Based on Company target and mission, we continuously accumulate resources, develop Core competence.  So far, Stellar Model management Agent has formed significant

Core competitiveness which different from other companies within the industry:

        Have Chinese excellent models as well as in global Model resource;

        Rapid fame rising model promotion channel;

        Top fashion design and execution team;

        World class IT operational and communication system.

BMW, Volkswagen, Porsche, ChanelLVFendiDiorZegna, L'Oreal, Gulf stream,IWC…… Our clients worldwide are the world’s leaders in their respective industries, for a more efficient service to customers; The Company invests a lot of money into research and development to create the business operation of the IT platform software system which is the world's most advanced:

        The model remote interview - the world's customers of Stellar Models can at any time to interview our models in their office located in various parts of world;

        Unified communication system - integrated telephone, video conference, audio conference, e-mail, instant messaging, and mobile equipment seamless docking, Stellar Models can make customers, models, the project team to realize the communication whenever and wherever possible;

        Team task management - Stellar Models manage the team task allocation and cooperation to fully realize process, standardization, informationization;

        Project collaborative management system - Stellar Models team collaboration tools to efficiently complete customer projects;

        knowledge base – provide Stellar Models powerful information support for business and project

        Advanced CRM system of customer relationship management system - the Stellar Models take the customer as the center concept to achieve strong landing.

All of these make our operation and communication skills not only in the leading level in the world in the fashion industry, but also with the world five hundred strong levels of client stand on the same starting line, There was no parallel in history. This brings the Chinese fashion industry IT information application level to a new high.

The overall strength of the Chinese worldwide, accounted for the rising proportion, can be expected in the future, including Chinese fashion, China cultural influence will return to the top of the world! Stellar Models in the development process also confirmed this point, in the five largest cities in China we set up branches, have hundreds of signing and agent models, many of them awarded supermodel, now we are invited by both domestic and international cooperation in famous fashion media and brand, which include:

        Fashion brands: Chanel, LV, Fendi, Dior, Bally, Versace, Shanghai Bund, ......

        Fashion media: Elle, BQ, Vogue, Marie Claire, Esquire, FHM, ......

More than 30 Foreign Broker's Firm maintain close business ties with us, we not only regular introducing high quality foreign models, but also introduce the Chinese model to New York, Paris, Milan, Hongkong, Singapore these fashion cities to show performance:

        Agency IMGFordWilhelminaMarilynEliteWomenDNANextMajorMajorEliteCityNathalie……

As its name indicates “Stellar Models " that, with our help, the customer products and brands like giant star rising, spread to every corner of the world; at the same time, through the company's building, our model will also be luxuriant metamorphosis into a dazzling star, the world famous!

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